Tire Sales: When, Where, and How You Need Them

When Do You Need New Tires?

There may be a couple of reasons you're considering a purchase of new tires. Most importantly, you need to be safe. Your tires impact your vehicle's ability to grip the road as well as your capacity to control the automobile. If your tires are no longer up to the task, it's time to replace them. Beyond safety, perhaps it's simply time for a change of style. Are you looking for a higher profile? Do you need some whitewalls for that retro ride? Is your truck's next trip off the beaten path? If you answered "yes" to any of these, we've got you covered. That's because the highly trained staff at Noble Auto Service in Noblesville, Indiana, is here to help you regardless of the reason behind your new tire purchase.

Crucial Considerations: Tread Depth and Tire Damage

Although it's easy to take your tires for granted, you can't underestimate their importance everytime you hit the road because that rubber is your only contact with the paved surface. First, monitor your tires to ensure that you have sufficient tread depth. The minimum safe measurement is 2/32". Remember, however, that this is an absolute bare bottom line. Even a greater amount may not offer you the traction you need in certain conditions. Some manufacturers make their products with wear bars concealed inside the rubber so that you'll know it's time for replacement once they start showing. We can help you with tread measurement, too, if you aren't comfortable checking them yourself. Also, if you incur tire damage, let us assess the impacted area to determine whether it's safe to repair the tire or if it should be replaced. Certain issues are self-evident. For instance, if your tire develops bubbled areas or begins coming apart, it's no longer usable. However, if you have a small inclusion, a repair may be feasible. If the puncture is no more than about 1/4" and is located in the tread pattern, we can likely make a repair. If the inclusion is large or in the sidewall, it's not safe to try to fix it. Likewise, if the tire is otherwise in poor condition (worn beyond the minimum tread depth, has cords showing, etc.), it must be replaced. Also, keep in mind that a safe repair is done from both the inside and out, so the tire should be removed from the rim. Further, be mindful of the manufacturer's stance on speed rating as related to tire repair.

Your Perfect Shop for New Tires: Timely, Local, and Reliable

Whether your need for new tires is immediate or a well planned purchase, Noble Auto Service is the shop for you. We offer you professional services performed with state-of-the art equipment, yet we're convenient to where you live and work. You can feel great about entrusting your vehicle to us even if you have expensive or custom wheels. We've invested in machinery that allows us to change/install tires without touching your wheels, and we offer Hunter Road Force Balancing. The next time you need tires, abandon the big box stores and enjoy exceptional, personalized tire sales and services.

Written by Reggie Stewart