Finance options in Noblesville, IN

Payment options to make your vehicle road ready today -- Noble Auto Service

We know repairs can sometimes be expensive, so we are proud to offer financing through Synchrony Car Care and Bosch.

Synchrony Financial is currently offering 12 month 0% interest promotional financing on purchases of $750 or more.

We also offer financing through Bosch Credit, Bosch currently offers 6 month/0% interest promotional financing on purchases over $149.00.

Potential Signs of Trouble

New, unusual noises or strange sensations when you're slowing your vehicle are often warning signs that you need brake repair. It can be helpful to know what exactly to look for so you know when to call in the experts.


Do you hear grinding, squeaking, or squealing when you apply your brakes? These could be indicators of worn brake pads. Your vehicle's brake pads are made of metal. When they're worn, metal may rub against metal, causing the obnoxious noises you hear.

Fluid Leak

If you notice a brake fluid leak or have a "soft" pedal when you try to brake, your car might have a master cylinder problem. A bad master cylinder can allow your brake fluid to escape, resulting in insufficient pressure to ensure that your vehicle can stop properly.

Soft Brake Pedal

Make a mental note of where your brake pedal stops when you depress it. The pedal should stop about an inch or inch and a half from the floor if your auto has power brakes. In a car with manual brakes, the pedal should stop at least 3 inches from the floor.


Wobbling, scraping, or vibrating during braking can point to uneven rotors. The rotor should be smooth and evenly thick. If it is uneven, your braking ability is reduced.

Convenient, Expert Repair

36-month/36,000-mile warranty

If the brake light comes on or you notice any of these troubling signs of brake problems, the experts at Noble Auto Service can properly diagnose and correct the issue. Although the sounds and feelings a braking system issue can cause are annoying, they are minor in comparison to the underlying danger they may indicate. Don't put yourself and others in danger by ignoring your brakes’ warning signs. Instead, make an appointment for brake service with Noble Auto Service. We guarantee repairs with a 36-month/36,000-mile warranty.