Gas vs. Diesel: What’s the Difference?

A Gas and Diesel Engine Comparison

Whether you’re planning to buy a new car soon or you’re just curious about car engines, there are two engine types you will likely see: gas and diesel. But what are the differences between the two kinds of engines? In this article, we will examine a few of the key differences between gas and diesel engines, and learn why diesel auto repair is a slightly different process.

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While both engines are quite similar in that they convert fuel into energy through a series of combustions, the two engines have a few critical differences between them.

In a gas engine, fuel is mixed with air and then compressed by pistons before it is ignited by electricity flowing from the car’s spark plugs. In a diesel engine, however, air is compressed first, and then the fuel is injected.

In general, diesel engines are thought to be more efficient than gas engines, especially if you are using them to travel out of town for a long road trip. However, for drivers who are frequently driving in the city, gas engines tend to perform better in these settings.

Additionally, vehicles with diesel engines have more torque, which results in better fuel economy and more impressive acceleration. Diesel engines also last much longer than their gas engine counterparts, but diesel auto repair is often much costlier. Because a diesel engine’s oil filters should also be changed regularly as any water which passes through a diesel vehicle's injectors or distribution pump will cause significant damage, diesel auto repair is not only costly but also a rather intricate process.

That being said, the good thing about diesel engines is that they don’t need frequent maintenance. With a diesel engine, a drive can easily drive 50,000 miles before service is required, or 20,000 miles if heavy towing is involved.

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Written by Reggie Stewart