Don’t Put Off These Repairs for Your Toyota

Needs vs. Wants in Toyota Repair

Sometimes, it may feel like there's always something you need or want to fix on a vehicle. This is particularly true if your car is an older model or if you drive under harsh conditions. It's perfectly normal for most people to reflect on the list of potential fixes and prioritize which services and repairs are most needed and which can wait. When you do that, however, make sure you carefully analyze needs versus wants. Some things shouldn't be put off. For example, replacing that old radio that no longer produces sound clarity to suit your liking can wait until next month, but failing to address bad brakes is life-threatening. At Noble Auto Service in Noblesville, Indiana, we'll outline a few items you shouldn't delay. We're also glad to tell you honestly what can wait a while without becoming a safety hazard or causing damage. Our ASE-certified technicians look forward to helping you with all your Toyota repair needs.

Five Must-Do's on Your Repair List

Although it may seem insignificant at the time, even a tiny crack or chip in your windshield can quickly become a problem. First, it's a safety hazard. If the inclusion is in the line of sight between the driver's eye and another vehicle/object/signal, etc., it can lead to a catastrophe. What's more, if you are in a crash, a damaged windshield may not hold as well as it should. That's important. Even though it's glass, the windshield adds structural integrity to the car. Left unaddressed, a small ding or crack can expand, causing you to replace the entire windshield rather than repair a small area. Therefore, get it fixed sooner rather than later. Likewise, signs of brake trouble should never be ignored. If you can't stop, you’re in trouble, and allowing certain repairs to "slide by'' can lead to more expensive problems such as damaged rotors. Furthermore, replace tires promptly. Driving on worn or damaged treads can reduce your ability to handle your car. You'll have less traction and a greater stopping distance. For your auto's health, be sure to get regular oil changes and have an illuminated engine warning light properly diagnosed. These prevent corrosion and overheating concerns.

Local, Reliable Help with All Your Toyota Repair Needs

At Noble Auto Service, we understand that you're sometimes busy or need to wait on some vehicle needs. However, we want you to drive a safe, reliable car. Therefore, we're your local hometown shop for all Toyota repairs. Let us help you keep your auto going strong for a long time to come


Written by Reggie Stewart