What is Oil Viscosity?

Oil Viscosity Explained You know you need oil for your vehicle. Now what? An oil change doesn’t have to be confusing or complicated. First, be sure you maintain a sufficient supply of fresh oil in your car. It’s needed to lubricate the moving engine parts, absorb some of the heat generated through friction, and suspend […]

What is an Oil Change?

The oil change – The defacto standard of car maintenance. Have you ever heard someone say, “This has been a great car; all I have to do is put gas in it and change the oil.”? Is that true? Why is changing the oil so important, and what about the other fluids in your car? […]

How Often Should You Get an Oil Change?

When Should I Get an Oil Change? When it comes to making sure your car’s engine works correctly, nothing is more important than getting an oil change. Frequently changing your engine’s oil gives it the best opportunity to run reliably and efficiently. In this article, we will look at a few scenarios that could change […]