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What’s the Problem With the GMC Sierra Brake System?

If you drive a GMC Sierra, you may have received notice from GM that your vehicle had a manufacturer’s recall on the electronic braking system. You may even have had the recall repair completed on your vehicle. But did you know the recall repair is now responsible for other brake failures in the GMC Sierra? If you drive a Sierra and had the recall repair done, consider taking your vehicle to Noble Auto Service to have their team check on the safety of the braking system on your truck.

What Happened?

GM has acknowledged that a software glitch in the original recall fix can disable the electronic stability control and anti-lock brake systems. This can, of course, increase the risk of a crash caused by catastrophic brake failure. GM says many of the drivers reporting the issue had the original recall fix done on their vehicle, so they are contacting all the owners of vehicles affected by the original recall. Even though the original recall was in 2020, some drivers may still be experiencing the braking issue if they did not have either the original recall fix completed or the second fix to repair the software problem. If your Sierra has given you problems with braking, you should contact your mechanic as soon as possible to have the vehicle inspected for the recall problem and other issues connected to your electronic braking system.

Trust Noble Auto Service

Noble Auto Service in Kokomo, IN, is your GMC repair specialist. Their certified technicians will inspect and diagnose any issues you’re having with your Sierra and recommend the right maintenance and repair services to get your truck back on the road as soon as possible in the safest condition it can be. Let the team at Noble Auto Service be your partner in keeping your vehicle safely on the road. Give them a call today to make an appointment to bring your GMC to the shop for a full inspection, and then talk with them about a maintenance schedule that will meet your needs and your vehicle's needs.

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