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Common GMC Problems

GMC Problems You Should Know About

Most car manufacturers make reliable vehicles with few major issues coming up after the sale. GMC vehicles are often the same, but there are a few problems they have–often based on the model you've chosen–you should know about before your purchase. The GMC Sierra seems to have the most complaints of problems in the manufacturer's line, especially when considering recalls for major issues acknowledged by GMC. For example, the 2015 Sierra 1500 had 20 recalls and 611 complaints filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). On the other hand, the Canyon and Yukon models have far fewer issues than the Sierra.

Common GMC Problems

One of the most common problems the GMC line of vehicles experiences is poor visibility due to the headlight style and position. This design issue can be very frustrating and dangerous for drivers. Consider speaking with your mechanic about fixes if you're having trouble seeing when it's dark. Another common GMC problem is excessive oil consumption. This problem is often a result of engine oil leaks that may need repair. The GMC line of vehicles is also known for problems with the heating and air conditioning systems making the drive in winter or summer more uncomfortable than necessary. Finally, there has been a myriad of engine problems in the GMC line.

Noble Auto Service is Your GMC Repair Shop

No matter which GMC repairs your vehicle needs, the team at Noble Auto Service is here to help. The technicians will inspect and diagnose the problems with your GMC and then make recommendations for repairs to ensure you have a safe and comfortable drive. If you've noticed any of the issues mentioned above or want to talk to a technician about maintaining your GMC vehicle, give them a call today to make an appointment. Or you can stop by the shop in Noblesville, IN, to speak with a customer service advisor about what the team can do for you and your GMC vehicle.

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