Common Problems with Ford

Ford Repair You May Need

Common Problems with Ford

Problems with Ford Vehicles

Ford Motor Company makes good vehicles on the whole. Still, some common problems come up in various models you should be aware of before you choose a Ford as your next vehicle. The model with the most problems for Ford is the 2006 Explorer, which had four recalls and more than 600 complaints reported to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This model Ford vehicle is not the norm but the outlying exception. The truth is that there are some common problems that come up in various models of any manufacturer's vehicles. Often these problems appear across a manufacturer's line of vehicles because common parts are used in different models. For example, several Ford model vehicles have had problems with wiring harnesses.

Transmission, Ignition, and Oil Leak Problems

Some of the most common problems across the Ford vehicle line-up include transmission and ignition system failures and oil leaks. The Ford Explorer has been known to have faulty transmission systems with gear slippage problems. Still, the issue isn't limited to the Explorer. Other Ford vehicles have problematic ignition systems and issues with spark plug failures. Some vehicles with the Triton engine have been known to leak around the oil pan gasket, leading to low oil levels and problems with overheating engines.

What Can Noble Auto Service Do for You?

Noble Auto Service in Kokomo, IN, is your local Ford repair expert. The qualified technicians are happy to work with you to set up a great maintenance schedule to monitor any known issues with your Ford vehicle model. They also stay informed of industry papers and company recalls ensuring your Ford vehicle has the repairs and maintenance it needs to run at its best at all times. Why not call them today to make an appointment to bring your Ford vehicle to the shop for a thorough inspection and a consultation on the right maintenance schedule for your needs? You'll be glad you did!

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