Transmission Problems

Chrysler Transmission Repair

Transmission Problems with Your Chrysler?

What's Going On With Chrysler's Transmissions?

Chrysler has had transmission issues in its line since 2016. These issues range from noisy shifting to sudden transmission failure. The Town and Country, Chrysler 200, and Chrysler 300 were most affected by these transmission issues. If you drive one of these vehicles, you'll want to read on for what to look for in your Chrysler when it comes to the repairs needed to fix the transmission problems.

Why Do Chrysler Transmissions Fail?

It's important to understand that because there have been problems in the past, not every Chrysler transmission is doomed to fail at some point. With proper maintenance, the transmission in your Chrysler vehicle should last up to 150,000 without major problems. Part of the maintenance your Chrysler transmission needs is transmission fluid flush and refill with the right transmission fluid. Choosing a less expensive, not recommended fluid can lead to problems with the transmission because not all transmissions have the right properties to keep the Chrysler transmission running smoothly. When it's time for a transmission fluid flush and refill, consider taking your Chrysler to Nobel Auto Service in Kokomo, IN, for the service. The certified technicians at Noble Auto Service will flush your transmission system and refill it with the proper original equipment manufacturer (OEM) transmission fluid to ensure the system has the proper pressure and lubrication. It's also important to have the transmission flushed and refilled at the proper intervals. Chrysler has included this type of maintenance service in their maintenance schedule found in the user's manual for your vehicle.

Noble Auto Service is Your Partner

The team at Noble Auto Service is here to help you keep your Chrysler running in top shape at all times through maintenance and repair services. If you're nervous about your Chrysler's transmission, stop by the shop in Kokomo, IN, to have the team inspect the system and the rest of your vehicle. Once your vehicle has been inspected, the technicians can recommend maintenance services to extend the life of your vehicle and repairs to bring it back to top running shape. Call them today to make an appointment to have your Chrysler repaired or maintained.

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