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If you’re in need of service or repair for your Toyota car or truck, you don’t have to worry about a dealership toying with you. Instead, bring your vehicle to Noble Auto Service in Noblesville, Indiana. Our expert technicians stay up-to-date with the latest information and training, and we are well equipped with the technology needed to take care of modern cars. We offer the same quality Toyota repairs and maintenance that you would find at the dealership, so you don’t have to worry about compromising on the care your car needs. We’re confident in the quality of our work, which is why we offer a 36-month/36,000 warranty on our repairs. If you’re ready for trusted Toyota repairs and services, visit us at 1372 South 10th Street. Our locally owned shop is conveniently located to anyone in the greater Indianapolis vicinity. Call us at 317-733-5009 or use our online scheduler to make an appointment for service at your local dealership alternative.

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Keeping Your Car Road Ready

The best way to keep your Toyota going strong is to perform routine preventive maintenance, as the manufacturer recommends. Checking tires is one way to ensure that your vehicle is road ready before you find out the hard way that it isn’t. In addition to monitoring air pressure, our technicians can help you maintain your tires with rotation and balancing as well as wheel alignment when necessary. Also, it’s best to assess the condition of belts and hoses periodically, replacing them if they look worn or if they have been used past the number of recommended miles. Few things ruin a trip quicker than being stranded by the side of an interstate with an overheated car. Topping off fluids (coolant, oil, transmission, windshield wiper, and brake) is another important service that can make a big difference in performance. You should never ignore the regularly scheduled oil change for your Toyota. If oil has lost its essential properties or is dirty, it cannot protect your engine as it should.

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Don’t drag out your Toyota’s next repair or maintenance! Get the job done with your local experts at Noble Auto Service and get back on the road with confidence. Toyota vehicles are designed to last, and they can be trusted to get drivers where they need to go. You can feel a lot more confident in your Toyota car or truck when you know it’s received the recommended maintenance services. And you don’t have to go to the dealership for expert care. Our certified technicians have the training and equipment to perform reliable Toyota repairs. Although our shop is new, we have deep roots providing exceptional auto care for our community. Just look at our sister shop -- Reggie’s Motorworks -- to see the example of service we’ve set for our deserving customers. We’re now proud to offer the same quality of care for more imports, including Toyotas. Schedule your service with us today online or call us. We look forward to hearing from you!