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It may be tempting to put off changing your oil, particularly if you're busy or trying to pinch your pennies. Delaying too long, however, can be costly. A lack of clean, fresh lubricant can damage your vehicle over the long term, you may find yourself spending additional time and money if you fail to get your oil changed. Instead, bring your ride to Noble Auto Service, 1372 South 10th Street, Noblesville, Indiana. We can quickly and expertly change the oil in any make or model car. Call us at 317-733-5009 or use our online scheduler to make an appointment today.

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What Happens to Oil Over Time?

Some things get better with time, but engine oil isn't one of them. Your auto needs lubricant to cling to the metal engine parts as they move, preventing metal from rubbing against metal. The oil also absorbs some of the heat that results from friction, and it suspends corrosive debris, keeping it away from engine components. Time, miles driven, and heat from the engine all contribute to breakdown, meaning that oil gradually loses its essential properties. Eventually, oil is somewhat less effective than it should be. The problem with degraded oil is that it allows metal shavings to flake off and rub engine parts, encourages overheating and warping of metal parts, and fails to suspend dirt to keep it away from the engine. The degraded, ineffective oil will likely turn to sludge. This is a thick, dark gel that can spread around your engine, causing bigger problems.

Signs You May Notice

Routine preventive maintenance is ideally performed on a schedule. Your vehicle's manufacturer will provide recommendations in the owner's manual, and your service technician can help you, as well, based on your driving conditions and patterns. However, if you notice any warning signs prior to your planned visit, bring your auto in for an oil change sooner. For example, if you see leaking oil or notice gooey sludge on the exterior of your engine, you need a service visit. Also, if you detect an oily burning smell as you drive, you may have a leak that allows oil to drip onto hot components. Finally, if you hear knocking sounds as you travel, it is possible that metal is hitting against metal due to lack of proper lubrication. This is an urgent warning that requires immediate attention.

Timely Oil Changes

When you purchase engine oil, you have the choice of conventional, full-synthetic, or synthetic blend. Synthetic is more expensive, but it lasts for a greater number of miles. Regardless of the oil you choose, all lubricants must eventually be changed. Failure to take care of your vehicle by changing the oil on a regular basis is likely to dramatically reduce the life of the car. In fact, a lack of sufficient, clean oil is one of the top three causes of catastrophic engine failure. Therefore, preventive maintenance is important. The great news is that not only can a timely oil change extend the life of your ride, but Noble Auto Service in Noblesville, Indiana, can perform that service for you in a timely manner and have you back on the road quickly. Our certified technicians look forward to working with you to keep your oil changed regularly and your car running for a long time.