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Whether you prefer a luxury sedan, coupe, or hybrid, a Lexus is sure to provide the style, comfort, and performance you’re looking for. It’s no surprise that so many vehicle owners in Noblesville, Indiana, choose to drive them. While you want to keep your Lexus in great shape, you may want to avoid the time, hassle, and additional expense of going out of your hometown to the dealership. There’s good news for Lexus owners in and around Indianapolis! Noble Auto Service is a state-of-the-art auto shop catering to all makes and models including Asian imports. Our certified technicians can provide manufacturer quality service, without you having to drive all the way to the dealership. We are located conveniently at 1372 South 10th Street. Give us a call at 317-733-5009 or visit us online to schedule an appointment.

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Loving Your Luxury Car

If you truly love your Lexus -- and we know you do -- the best way to show it is to keep your wonderful car properly maintained. Many vehicles fall victim to a shortened mechanical lifespan for lack of basic preventive services. Rule #1: Bring your car to Noble Auto Service. Rule #2: Change the oil and filter regularly. Failure to do so allows your oil to lose it's vital properties that enable it to lubricate your moving metal engine parts, keep dirt and debris away from the areas where they can do damage, and absorb some of the heat produced by friction as the engine operates. Rule #3: Keep other fluids (coolant, brake, transmission) topped off and changed as recommended. Rule #4: Monitor the condition and wear of other elements such as belts, hoses, and brakes, changing at the recommended intervals or sooner if there are problems. Rule #5: Take care of your tires. Proper inflation is more important than you might think. Also, rotation and balancing are key to long tire life. Rule #6: Refer back to Rule #1.

Trust Your Local Lexus Experts

Keeping your Lexus performing at its peak levels is easy with the professionals at Noble Auto Service in Noblesville, Indiana. We have a team of certified technicians ready to provide the services your car needs per the manufacturer’s recommendations. But we don’t stop there. Our community trusts us to provide the best, which means going beyond basic services to take individual driving habits into account. How you drive your Lexus influences how soon it’s parts and fluids need service. Our experts work with our individual customers to identify their driving trends and provide service before any problems have the chance to develop. That goes a long way in protecting you Lexus’ performance and value for you and anyone who drives it later! To learn more about our expert Lexus repairs, contact us today!