Interesting Traffic Laws

Can You Really Get a Citation for That?

When some anonymous person is pulled over for a traffic violation (You know, someone unnamed--certainly not you.), the temptation might be to defend one's self by saying, "Officer, I didn't do it!" Perhaps that's easy to do for some laws. Perhaps that unnamed person can even slide by, convincing the police that they did make a complete stop at that stop sign or that somebody else was recklessly doing burnouts in the dark one street over. Other violations, however, are a bit harder to hide--not because they're blatant so much as because they're seemingly crazy and beyond belief. If one is caught breaking certain laws, the perpetrator has garnered so much attention that there's no denying it happened. So be careful out there. Then legally proceed to Noble Auto Service in Noblesville, Indiana, for all your auto repair needs.

International Law Enforcement

If you're an international traveler who drives abroad, it's always important to follow local laws and exercise extreme caution in areas where travel conditions are different (driving on the left side of the road, etc.). However, some rules seem unusual regardless of where you are. For example, you'll be fined in Japan if the road spray generated by your vehicle wets walkers. If you're in Moscow, Russia, you can be cited for driving a dirty automobile. You're required to have a personal breathalyzer device in France. It's part of that country's campaign to reduce drunk driving. If you're a race fan, be aware that you cannot race any animal on the road in Ontario, Canada. In that same nation, Montreal mandates that taxi drivers wear long black pants and clean white shirts in the line of duty. In Thailand, you can't drive or ride topless.

Domestic Police

The good ol' USA has some fairly odd traffic laws, too. Don't try to drive with a sheep in your car unless it has a chaperone in Montana. Plan on attaching tail lights to your horse's rear if you're planning to ride the equine on the road at night in Texarkana, Texas. When in Louisville, Kentucky, be sure to control your dog and take it to the potty before traveling. There's a law against pets "molesting" a vehicle. Don't tie a goat, elephant, or alligator to a parking meter in Florida until you've deposited money. Then it's legal. You'll be ticketed for parking in front of Dunkin' Donuts in South Berwick, Maine. In California, it's illegal to shoot at animals from your car unless you're aiming for whales. (Yes, seriously!) Finally, no more recycling clothing. You're not allowed to clean a vehicle with old underwear in San Francisco, California.

Written by Reggie Stewart