How To Optimize Your Fleet

Planning and Maintenance Serve Your Fleet Well

If you depend on transportation for business operations, the strength of your company is as strong as the ability of your vehicle fleet. (Think of the adage about a chain being as strong as its weakest link.) This is true whether your fleet is composed of passenger cars used by service technicians or drivers for small-sized deliveries, mid-sized trucks/vans, large trucks, or a combination of those automobiles. Therefore, you'll maximize your operations and profits by staying on top of fleet needs. For help with the services and repairs you need to optimize your fleet, count on Noble Auto Service in Noblesville, Indiana.

Making the Most of Time Through Efficient Routing

Fleet optimization isn't achieved through a single endeavor. Rather, it's like puzzle pieces that fit together, each element contributing to the whole final picture. Some of those parts are vehicles, drivers, route managers, and schedules. These must be coordinated to work in unison to result in operating efficiently with timely delivery and excellent customer service. Considering what needs to be transported and where those things/people need to go will help you with logistics. You can design routes that take the balance of total expenses, mileage, time, and fuel consumption to make transportation efficient and effective for your company. Also, be sure to account for business-specific factors such as customer needs and concerns and special considerations regarding payloads. (i.e., Are there hazardous compounds that need regulated handling, perishable foods, breakable items, oversized loads that can't be carried along some routes, or multiple drop-off points as opposed to a single end destination?) The answers to these questions will help guide route planning. Further, you may consider the benefit of implementing a monitoring system to track your vehicles, allowing you to stay abreast of safety, vehicle and driver locations, and delays. This, in turn, will assist you in keeping your customers properly informed when they're expecting a delivery or service visit.

Save Time, Trouble, and Money

To manage your fleet well, you need to keep costs low and times to a minimum while ensuring great customer service and raising your profit margin. All of this needs to be done safely and reliably. For that, you need Noble Auto Service. Our ASE-certified technicians can take care of routine maintenance services such as oil changes and fluid top-offs that will keep your vehicles running well for a long time. When it's time for a repair, we've got that covered, too. We understand the importance of getting a car or truck back on the road quickly. Good repair and operability also limit your exposure to legal liability. Therefore, count on us for all the mechanical portions of fleet optimization.

Written by Reggie Stewart