Fun Facts About Toyota

Five Things You May Not Know About Toyota

The Toyota brand has become a global success over the years and has retained popularity due to the brand’s performance, sustainability, and reliability. To celebrate such an iconic auto manufacturer, we are going to take a quick look at some fun facts about the Toyota company.

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Toyota was Originally Called ‘Toyoda’

Founded by Sakichi Toyoda, Toyota was initially called ‘Toyoda’ to keep with the family name. Toyoda, which translates to "fertile rice paddies" in Japanese, was soon changed to Toyota to expand the auto manufacturer's appeal overseas.

The Toyota Brand Was Founded In 1937

While the first fleet of Toyota cars was used for war purposes in 1937, the production of passenger Toyota vehicles for civilians gradually began in 1947.

Toyota Did Not Export Their Cars to the United States Until 1957

Toyota's Crown sedan was the first Toyota vehicle that was imported to the United States in 1957. Now, the United States is one of Toyota’s most important markets.

The Toyota Brand is One of the Greenest in The Auto Industry

The Toyota Prius campaign, beginning in the mid-2000s, solidified the auto manufacturer as a pioneer in environmentally sustainable cars. Over the years, their efforts and influence eventually made Toyota the number one manufacturer in terms of environmentally sustainable vehicles.

Toyotas Have One of The Longest Lifespans

Roughly 80 percent of Toyota's cars sold nearly 20 years ago are still running today. This is because Toyota believes in the production of safe, robust, and long-lasting vehicles that are worth the hard-earned money of their drivers. This remains one of the key reasons why so many people across the globe love to drive Toyota cars.

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Written by Reggie Stewart