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Many motorists love diesel motors because they last a long time, are very reliable, and generally require less maintenance than gasoline engines. As great as diesels are, however, they still require preventive maintenance and occasional repair to keep them in good working order. The certified technicians at Noble Auto Service in Noblesville, Indiana, understand what your diesel needs. Our staff is well qualified to perform preventive services and deal with diesel difficulties. We are conveniently located at 1372 South 10th Street in close proximity to anywhere within the greater Indianapolis area. Call us at 317-733-5009 or use our handy online scheduling tool to have us assist you with keeping your diesel at its best.

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Diesel Basics and Maintenance

Unlike gasoline motors, your diesel engine doesn't require ignition system tune-ups. Even so, there are still essential basic service points that your vehicle needs to run well.

Fuel Injection System

Most new diesels -- those manufactured in 2010 or later -- have a urea tank and injection system that cleans the nitrogen oxide (NOx) from the exhaust. This system functions much like the catalytic converter component of a gasoline powered car's exhaust system and is important because NOx is the greatest exhaust pollutant released into the atmosphere. Periodically, you will need to have the urea tank refilled in order for it to continue working as it should.

Oil Changes

Additionally, you should have the oil and filter changed on a regular basis to ensure that the moving engine parts are well coated with oil that isn’t dirty or broken down. Degraded oil not only decreases efficiency, but it can also lead to damage over time if left unchanged.

Battery Checks

To meet the increased demand for cranking amps at start-up, most diesel trucks have two batteries. It is important to keep both of them checked and maintained.

Fuel Filters

Finally, you must change fuel filters often. Most diesels have two fuel filters. The primary filter is located between the fuel tank and the engine, while another cleans the fuel before it enters the engine. If you don't replace these filters often enough, your fuel injection system will clog. Once that happens, you usually need an expensive repair to remedy the problem and get the vehicle working well again.

We’re Here For Your Diesel Engine

Fortunately, you don't have to worry unnecessarily about your ride. For expert preventive maintenance and repair on any make or model diesel car or light-duty truck, rely on Noble Auto Service. Our technicians are diesel-trained experts. We understand how these engines work and the specific care they need to continue being the reliable and durable machines they are. With a few regular maintenance services for your diesel at our shop, it will be ready to run year round for all your projects and journeys! We look forward to seeing you and your vehicle soon.