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Nobody wants to see the check engine light come on when they're driving, but many drivers have had that happen at some point. Although there is no need to panic if this warning light illuminates, you shouldn’t ignore it either. You shouldn't drive your vehicle long term until you've had it checked out at Noble Auto Service in Noblesville, Indiana. Located at 1372 South 10th Street, our expert technicians are highly qualified and our shop is well equipped to determine and repair what has triggered the light. Call us at 317-733-5009 or use our online tool to schedule an appointment and eliminate the lit check engine light in your car.

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Common Causes

Although a number of issues can cause the check engine warning, there are a few typical causes. These can give you an idea of what you might expect during your check engine light repair with us. To be sure of the issue, you’ll want to visit our technicians for expert diagnostics.

Oxygen Sensors

The oxygen sensors measure the unburned oxygen remaining in your vehicle's exhaust. If they malfunction, your auto will run less efficiently and consume more fuel. Failure to replace the oxygen sensor in a timely manner can lead to catalytic converter and spark plug damage.

Loose Gas Cap

Another common, yet perhaps surprising, issue may be the gas cap. The check engine light may activate if the gas cap is loose or damaged. You may be losing your fuel through vapor leak and evaporation if your cap is gone or broken.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs or spark plug wires that need replacing may be another trigger for the check engine warning. These parts are necessary for igniting the fuel-air mixture in the engine cylinder. Without timely replacement, you'll notice reduced performance and fuel economy. Failure to act could also damage the ignition coils, catalytic converter, or oxygen sensors.

Diagnosis and Repair

With Proper Technology

Guessing at the reason behind an illuminated check engine light leads to unnecessary expenditures that may not correct the problem. Noble Auto Service's certified technicians in Noblesville, Indiana, can connect your vehicle to an OBD-II reader to obtain a trouble code related to the check engine warning. We use our expertise to pinpoint the exact issue within the indicated system. Ultimately, this saves you time and money, ensuring your car is diagnosed and repaired correctly in a timely manner while avoiding potential additional damage.