Interesting Traffic Laws

Can You Really Get a Citation for That? When some anonymous person is pulled over for a traffic violation (You know, someone unnamed–certainly not you.), the temptation might be to defend one’s self by saying, “Officer, I didn’t do it!” Perhaps that’s easy to do for some laws. Perhaps that unnamed person can even slide […]

How To Optimize Your Fleet

Planning and Maintenance Serve Your Fleet Well If you depend on transportation for business operations, the strength of your company is as strong as the ability of your vehicle fleet. (Think of the adage about a chain being as strong as its weakest link.) This is true whether your fleet is composed of passenger cars […]

Don’t Put Off These Repairs for Your Toyota

Needs vs. Wants in Toyota Repair Sometimes, it may feel like there’s always something you need or want to fix on a vehicle. This is particularly true if your car is an older model or if you drive under harsh conditions. It’s perfectly normal for most people to reflect on the list of potential fixes […]

Disengaging a Stuck Parking Brake

“P” is for “Park,” Not “Permanent” Obviously, you want your auto’s parking brake to hold your vehicle in place. That’s the point. Right? However, you also certainly don’t want that halt to become permanent. That’s counterproductive, too. While a stuck parking brake hopefully won’t happen to you very often, what can you do if it […]

What is Oil Viscosity?

Oil Viscosity Explained You know you need oil for your vehicle. Now what? An oil change doesn’t have to be confusing or complicated. First, be sure you maintain a sufficient supply of fresh oil in your car. It’s needed to lubricate the moving engine parts, absorb some of the heat generated through friction, and suspend […]

What is wheel alignment, and why is it important?

What is wheel alignment, and why is it important? If you schedule your vehicle for a wheel alignment, your technician will put it on the rack, then rotate and adjust the wheels. They will ensure your wheels are aligned correctly for your vehicle and according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Wheel Alignment can aid your vehicle […]

Tire Sales: When, Where, and How You Need Them

When Do You Need New Tires? There may be a couple of reasons you’re considering a purchase of new tires. Most importantly, you need to be safe. Your tires impact your vehicle’s ability to grip the road as well as your capacity to control the automobile. If your tires are no longer up to the […]

Tire Terms & Safety

Proper inflation, temperature changes, repair When we are on the go and thinking about getting somewhere, we are thankful to have a car to get us there. But, what really comes to mind when we are in a rush to get going? Most people would probably think about having enough fuel, their car not starting, […]

Brakes for Breasts Fundraiser

What great news! This year Noble Auto Service (with your help) raised $1,132.80 to help support Brakes for Breasts and the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Fund to help make this a reality. Thank you all that supported the cause.

Fun Facts About Toyota

Five Things You May Not Know About Toyota The Toyota brand has become a global success over the years and has retained popularity due to the brand’s performance, sustainability, and reliability. To celebrate such an iconic auto manufacturer, we are going to take a quick look at some fun facts about the Toyota company. To […]